Kingzoom Foshan Technology Co.,ltd is a professional lighting products manufacturer, specializing in outdoor lighting products. As a professional manufacturer, we have integrated design, engineering, retail and consumer service into our business practice.

Our factory, located in Foshan—one of the most prominent manufacturing cities in China, was founded in 1986. We provide professional OEM, ODM, and OBM services, and our manufacturing processes include sand casting, die casting, and extrusions.

Kingzoom was originally a manufacturer of non-ferrous metal products. After three decades of persistent efforts of our staff, Kingzoom has developed two mature production lines of copper and aluminum products, and we also integrated design, manufacture, retail, and consumer service into our business practice. Our sand casting products include street lamps, garden lamps, high bay lamps, pillar lamps, and etc. Our die casting products include a series of aluminum alloy accessories, widely used in manufacturing processes of lamps and electrical equipments.

The quality of the products is our upmost concern. Aspired to manufacture the safest and the best products that are available in the market, we pay unparalleled attention to every details throughout the design and manufacturing processes. Carefully choosing the materials and calculating the parameters, we manufacture the products that are both safe and aesthetic.

We have unwavering passion for manufacturing industry-leading quality lighting products and bringing them to every country, every city, and every family, around the world.



In 1986, Mr. Shuli Pang founded the Foshan Shixing Hardware Casting Factory. He started coper and aluminum casting business in a rental workshop. Three years later, with the support from several excellent casting engineers and mechanical engineers, Mr. Pang successfully employed centrifugal casting technique in the production of high-quality aluminum and coper products. In 1990, Mr. Pang, along with other engineers, successfully manufactured industrial-grade three-wire screws and nuts, through which Mr. Pang lead the factory into the machinery industry and the elevator industry.


Facing ever expanding business demand, Mr. Pang decided to build a new workshop for his business. The new factory was named Foshan Nanhai Luocun Shakeng Casting Factory, naming after the town where it was located.


Mr. Pang handed the factory down to Ms. Pang, his eldest daughter. Ms. Pang renamed the factory Foshan Nanhai Luocun Lihua Casting Factory. Under her leadership, the factory acquired ISO-9000 certification, which brought international quality control standards into the manufacturing processes, and implemented the Office Automation System (OAS). With the help of quality control standards and the OAS, the quality as well as the quantity of the products were elevated into a higher level. Moreover, we set up an office, intended to attract more professional prospective staff and provide better services for our business partners, in Foshan’s CBD area. The office enables us to gain a deeper insight into global market, and starting from that time, we participated in international exhibitions and actively collaborated with overseas companies.


In order to improve our staff’s management skills, we hired management experts and professors from HongKong. The experts and professors brought more systematic management skills and methods into our company. Also, learning from them, our staff gained a better insight into the global market. Even though we faced challenges, we have always firmly believed that we could surmount every challenge with our persistent effort. Through our collective effort, we have expanded our business internationally as well as domestically, and acquired more modern workshops and offices.


We have developed a series of production lines, including sand casting, die casting, and extrusion. With theses production lines, we are confident to develop and manufacture suitable products for different clients and meet their diverse requirements. Also, the new workshop has been in construction, and it will become a new platform for us to access international as well as domestic markets.

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Kingzoom casting since 1986,we blend the professional skill of casting the gear of elevator,automobile engine,mechanical parts into the field of outdoor lighting and accessories,specialized in the production of aluminum alloy outdoor lighting and accessories,provide OEM,ODM,OBM services,share the resoure with you,achieve the promise of brand together.